I am 4th year HCI PhD student

Novel interaction techniques, wearable computing, tangible interaction, AR/VR

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RadarCat [UIST'16]

RadarCat is a small, versatile radar-based system for material and object classification which enables new forms of everyday proximate interaction with digital devices. 


Solinteraction [IMWUT, UbiComp'19]

We employ radar sensing and machine learning for the exploration of tangible interactions with a family of techniques we term, Solinteraction. 


SWiM [CHI'17]

We propose and evaluate a novel design point around a tilt-based text entry technique which supports single handed usage, based on the gesture keyboard.


WatchMI [MobileHCI'16]

We present WatchMI: Watch Movement Input that enhances touch interaction on a smartwatch to support continuous pressure touch, twist, pan gestures and their combinations.


SpeCam [MobileHCI'17]

SpeCam is a lightweight surface color and material sensing approach for mobile devices which only uses the front-facing camera and the display as a multi-spectral light source.


ItchyNose [ISWC'17]

We propose a sensing technique for detecting finger movements on the nose, using EOG sensors embedded in the frame of a pair of eyeglasses.